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Academic Calendar 2014-2015

Sr. No.

Name of the faculty

First Term

Second Term






Arts & Fine Arts


16.06.2014 (Monday)


31.10.2014 (Friday)


24.11.2014 (Monday)


30.04.2015 (Tuesday)




Menta Moral & Sovial Sciences



3rd Week :June 2014

  • Meeting of Principal, Vice principal and Registrar to form Admission Committee.
  • Preparation of prospects for admission.
  • Commencement of admission for B.Aan.B.Com..
  • Meetings of all Heads of the departments with Principal to discuss Result, Annual Working Plan, Time Table, Formation of Various committees for functioning the programmed
  • Actual Admission process start: Forms checkup, Subject selection guidance to students as per their choice and fees –form collection.
  • Meetings of non working staff for allotment of work
  • Dress code instruction for non working & Compulsion.
  • Meeting of all working staff with Principal for understanding their difficulties, Views, demands, Annual requirements, and Lab. requirements.
  • Meeting of Principal, Vice Principal and NAAC coordinator.
  • Planning for Tree plantation.
  • Admission follow-up, free ship form, Scholarship form notification and information to students.

4th Week : June 2014

  • Library infrastructure cleaning camp, electricity checkup, and water supply checkup.
  • Stationary literature, choks, duster, files distribution to all departments.

No. of  working days in a month : 13

1st Week :July 2014

  • Actual working start.
  • 3rd July Lokanete Vyankatrao Hiray Punyatihti.
  • Lecture series on Environmental issue. S.Y.B.A.,B.Com.
  • Appointment of Environment programmer Coordinator. and expert teacher.

2nd Week :July 2014

  • Roll. Number, Library card issuing, Identity card issuing, Learnring resources issuing, reading hall issuing start.
  • Student’s Council election on the basis merit. And election of L.R. U.R., G.S. and N.S.S. Leader.
  • Eann and Learn schemes students’ selection and book bank openings by issuing books by the hands of Principal to poor students.

3rd Week : July204

  • Meeting for submission minor research projects, regarding proposals of seminar, workshop, conferences, symposium, debating, various contests, other activities and tournaments (Principal, Vice Principal, NAAC Coordinator and all heads of the department).
  • N.S.S. Students selection.


4th Week : July 2014


  • Health Camp for  B.A.and B.Com students (Medical checkup by Registered Doctors Team).
  •  Commencement of sport activities.
  • Selection of students.
  • NAAC Meeting.
  • Eligibility form issuing.
  • Result of postgraduate students.
  • Staff Academy, Alumni, Commerce Mandal, Wang Maya Mandal, Science Forum Inaugurations
  • Learning and working follow-up.

No. of  working days in a month :27

1st Week: August 2014

  • Social Science Programme.

 .     NSS Camp.

2nd Week: August 2014

  • Raksha Bandana function.
  • 15th August Flag Hosting. By Principal.
  • .N.S.S. & Voluntarily Blood donation camp.
  • Eligibility camp.
  • Lecture series on National Integration.,          New trends in commerce and industrialization.
  • Monthly staff meeting with Principal for discussion on all issue regarding improvement in result, working performance, discipline, cultural activities and other things if any.

3rd Week: August 2014

  • NSS Camp.
  • Special Lecture by eminent personality.
  • Lecture for communication skill development (Students point of view).

4th Week : August 2014

  • Monthly working practical follow up by college authority.
  • Examination form fills up.
  • Principal and absent students parent meeting.

No. of  working days in a month :25

1st Week : September 2014

  • Syllabus completion feedback.
  • Teacher’s day: In the memory of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrushanan.
  • Meeting of Examination Chairman and Principal to discuss Term end and internal examination preparation.
  • Hindi Divas: Poem competition, Essay Competition, Elocution Competition. (Department of Hindi).
  • UPSC and MPSC competitive exam. Guidance. Cell meetings.
  •  College NAAC core committee meeting.
  • Class room interaction activities.

2nd Week : September 2014

  • Selection of students for Intercollegiate &Inter Zonal Sports Competition.
  • Invited Stalks, Virtual working.
  • Meeting of Quality Improvement Programmed.

3rd Week : September 2014

  • Regular working follows up.
  • Special invited guest lecture for M.Aand M.Com postgraduate students.
  • Internal Inspection of Department.

4th Week : September 2014


  • Internal Examination.

Selection of N.S.S. Candidates for Proposed Camp.

  • Observance of Research, Working, Learning and library resources and smooth issuing books to students by college committee.

No. of  working days in a month : 22

1st Week : October 2014

  • 2nd October Mahatma Gandhi Vidyamandir Foundation day. Flag Hosting by Principal.
  • Meeting of student’s council with Principal.
  • Lecture series on staff academy  Commerce Mandal, Literature Mission and Environment.


2nd Week : October 2014

  • Guest lecture Working work review.
  • Submission of student’s feedback form, Syllabus completion report, to be completion report and internal assessment mark list.
  • Efforts of extra lecture. 
  •  Participation in Teacher approved camp and stamping pattern.

3rd Week : October 2014

  • Regular working as well as working review by self.
  • Practical Journal Submission.
  • October practical examination.


4th Week :October 2014

  • Working periods adjusted accordingly examination schedule.
  • Back log students examination and Semester examination.
  • Regular postgraduate working.
  • Environment Project allotments to the S.Y. Arts,and Commerce students.
  • Term end Meeting.

No. of working days in a month : 25


Total working days in first term = 13+27+25+22+25=112 days

  • Diwali Vacation: 1st Nov.  2014 to 22nd Nov. 2014.
  • Teacher may participate in central assessment programme in Vacation as a part of evaluation.
  • Celebration of Karmaveer Bhausaheb Hiray Birth Anniversary on  8th Nov. 2014

4th Week : November 2014 


  • Meeting of Principal with staff members
  • Meeting of Heads with faculty members
  • Planning for commencing Environmental Awareness Course

No. of working days in a month : 07

1st Week : December 2014

  • Regular working of 2nd term.N.S.S. Camp.
  • Arrangement of Study tours.
  • Personality development programme for students.
  • Interdisciplinary activities.


2nd Week : December 2014

  • Declaration of results.
  • Meeting of examination department to prepare results and for conclusion.
  • Sports winter tournaments.
  • Guest lectures.


3rd Week : December 2014

  • Review of environment project. Progress report of Project.
  • Seminar for M.Com. and M.A. students.
  •  Observance of regular activities.

4th Week: December 2014

  • Meeting of Quality improvement programme.
  • Review of Research activities if any and feed of output of miner research project by Principal of college.
  • Submission of report regarding seminar, National and International conference participation, role in any competition, Paper presentation, Articles in National and International Journals.
  • Meeting of Quality assurance committee for review submission report by teacher.
  • 30th  December Renukatai Bhausaheb Jayanti.

No. of working days in a month : 26

1st Week : January 2015

  • Regular working.
  • Various competitions organized by departments for development of students personality:
  • Meeting for formation of annual social gathering committee.
  • Submission of examination form.

2nd Week : January 2015

  • NAAC committee meeting
  • Magazine committee meeting.
  • Notification for students to submit articles, Photograph of events and other things for magazine printing.
  • Permission for different student’s day by taking commitments and promise regarding discipline.
  • Observance of students and teachers activities.
  • Meetings for preparing Prize certificates, Shields, refreshments to students etc.


3rd Week : January 2015

  • Annual Social Gathering
  • 26th January Flag hosting
  • Regular classes
  • Study tour (Geography).
  • Social science Programme
  • Departmental Oral, Viva, Seminar of students.

4th Week : January 2015

  • Meeting of Quality improvement programme.
  • Preparation for facing NAAC peer team for accreditation.


No. of working days in a month : 27

1st Week : Feb. 2015

  • Regular Working.
  • Regular practices.

2nd Week : Feb.2015

  • Reporting and feedback of students participated in other colleges and Universities
  • 10th Feb.University Foundation Day
  • 17th Feb. Renuka Tai Punyatithi
  • 19th Feb. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti
  • Motivation camp for students to participate in intercollegiate. and interuniversity Competition.

3rd Week Feb.2015

  • Observance of syllabus completion.
  • Theoretical and Practical Oral.
  • Internal Practice test and tutorial.
  • Meeting of Parents of absent students.
  • Special Lecture on Indian Economy Policy
  • Meeting of students councils.
  • Preparation of examination.
  • Meetings of Heads and Examination Chairman.
  • Collection of Manuscripts of internal examination.


4th Week Feb. 2015

  • Internal Examination.
  • Guest Lecture on Indian Rural Development Policy
  • Lectures may be adjusted accordingly examination schedule.


No. of working days in a month : 24

1st Week : March 2015

  • Regular lectures.
  • 1st March Bhausaheb Hiray Jayanti
  • Journal Submission.
  • Environmental Project Submission.
  • Environment Course examination.
  • Practical examination.

2nd Week: March 2015

  • Revision of course if students demands.
  • Evaluation of Teacher by students.
  • Student’s feedback form submission.
  • Teachers syllabus completion report

3rd Week : March 2015

  • Examination Work.
  • PG Working.
  • Extra working for incomplete work.

4th Week :March 2015

  • Start of F.Y./S.Y./T.Y. Backlog exam.

No. of working days in a month : 24

1st Week : April 2015

  • Internal senior supervisor allotment.
  • Allotments of junior supervisors.
  • Appointment of members of internal squad.
  • Start of examination.

2nd Week : April 2015

  • Examination and Central assessment or assessment starts (Evaluation processes).
  • Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti.
  • Laboratotary and library stock checkup.( Dead Stock).
  • Future requirement follow-ups.


3rd Week :April 2015

  • Examination and Evaluation.

4th Week : April 2015.

  • Examination and Evaluation.
  • 24th April Loknete Vyankatrao Hiray Jayanti
  • Term end Meeting.
  • 1st Maharashtra Din Flag Hosting.

No. of working days in a month : 25

  • College Celebrates all National functions, Birth and Death anniversaries regularly even in vacations

Total working days in second term =07+26+27+24+24+25=133 days

Sr. No. Month Activity



Opening of college,  Process of Admissions to  Undergraduate Classes



 Display of merit lists and Admission in 1st  week . Teaching starts in 3rd Week



Teaching continued for all classes . one day N.S.S. camps



Teaching continued with  co-curricular activities.



Oral, internal  and University Examinations



Winter Vacation



Term-end Examination and Regular teaching from second week



Regular teaching and Field trips . Participation in Various competitions viz, Debating , Elocution and Avishkar



Teaching and participation in Social – Cultural activities.



Internal  and  Practical Examinations in 1st and 2nd week. From 3rd week.



University Examinations and Evaluation Process. Conclusion

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